Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death worldwide, representing approximately 30% of all global deaths. In Turkey this ratio is 40% and over the ages of 40 and up the mortality rate increases to 25%. These conditions were dangerous and healthcare expenditures are doubled. But, many of these conditions and their devastating toll can be prevented. So, this team set out to build a medical technology system that would combine comprehensive and complex clinical data analysis with personalized preventive care to help health plan sponsors and their members detect chronic disease earlier and manage it better. The goal was to help drive down healthcare costs while improving health outcomes.

In 2017, Livewell Wearable Healthcare Product Services and Technologies Company was founded in Teknopark Istanbul with 100% domestic capital and continued developing the Cardiom Mobile ECG Monitoring device - of which the prototype and trial studies had already begun- and Livewell Healthcare Intelligent Platform.

At the end of 2019, Cardiom Long-Term Rhythm Monitoring System and Livewell ECG Analysis and Interpretation Algorithm Software within Livewell Healthcare Intelligent Platform, were launched.

Livewell Wearable Healthcare Product Services and Technologies Company, and its Turkish Engineers and Employees are serving with innovative minds through research and development and producing domestic and national healthcare systems.

Shareholding structure:

Livewell Wearable Healthcare Product Services and Technologies A.S. is a 100% contribution of Trakya Yatırım Holding A.S.