Platform as a Service

LiveWell Personal Health Intelligence Platform provide’s Health status visibility for Heath plan Sponsors such as; Hospitals, e- Healthcare Providers, Elderly Care Centers, Corporations and Insurance Companies; through enabling usage of their own brands and processes via customizable dashboards, integrated wellness campaigns, and detailed reporting and analytics for their members. As well the platform is in service with open membership for the general population. It is expected to help early diagnosis and provide real-time information to the doctor/hospital in emergency situations.

The main goal of LiveWell is to create a collaborative health platform (web + mobile), where different types of medical data, (from new devices or off the shelf devices people are already using to obtain information about heart rate, blood pressure and sugar, movement) is aggregated and used as a bridge to connect users with medical professionals, helping in the diagnosis stage. The ECG remote monitoring system provides 12-channel ECG signal from patients in real time by using a custom designed ECG device and electrode embedded tshirt.


Platform as a Service

Hospitals, e-Healthcare Providers, Elderly Care Centers, Corporations and Insurance Companies can use their own brands and membership processes via LiveWell HIP Infrastructure


Members/patients can receive daily reminders and push notifications of their choice so that their health is always in minds.Doctors and Healthcare Employees can easily get informed about their patients critical health status via customizable alarms and push notifications.


Personalization is the power of providing a personalized health-action plan for every member in your group. Recommended preventive health actions are matched to age, gender and health history. Preventive actions are personalized, so our system knows when to (and when not to) recommend an action to a member based specific clinical history.

Multi Device Support

Bluetooth enabled medical devices and activity tracking devices can be easily integrated to the platform via relevant bluetooth 2.0 protocols.

Continuous Monitoring

Live Well captures and connects your members/patients health data 24/7 to measure, monitor and improve health continuously. On critical health levels of your members/patients, emergency processes for life saving facilities are activated. While monitoring realtime health status, patients actual location is being tracked to provide emergency first response, your members/patients are served from the nearest ambulance service, and routed to the nearest hospital.


Easy access health and wellness tracking, effective management and monitoring and intelligent analytical reports. Productivity, health status reports, device reports, member health risk analysis reports are automatically generated.

Mobile Applications

Unlimited Health Status Tracking