ECG Diagnosis Algorithm

ECG Diagnosis Algorithm

The ECG interpretation algorithm detects each heart beat in a long-term 12 channel ECG signals collected from the holter device, classifies them by determining their characteristic points like Q, R, P, and T. Regarding the findings, patient's cardiovascular activities are evaluated, and abnormal arrhythmias can be detected.

At this stage, the algorithm can identify 25 anomalies including tachycardias, bradycardia, pause, asystole, AV blocks, supraventricular and ventricular events, atrial fibrillation and flutter, ventricular fibrillation and flutter.

The algorithm is designed to work with different frontfaces and has a Service based Architecture.It is compatible with HBYS and HIMS Systems.

ECG Diagnosis Software

ECG Diagnosis Software
  • Detailed analysis of 12 Channel ECG
    • Adding, Deleting a Beat
    • Adding, Deleting a Strip
  • Generating 24 Hours Medical Reports
  • Holter, Alarm and Continues recording based automated medical reports
  • Dashboards & Statistics
  • Online / Offline Modes

Combined health status analysis with 24/7 health data from all kinds of diagnostics devices. Big data is categorised and classified with machine learning algorithms.

ECG Enrollment Request feature, depanding on requested time frame (minutes,hours,days,continious ) Physcians can automatically receive, report or monitor ECG recordings online .

Accesibility, The application provides web based architecture with space and time independent quick and easy accessibility.

Offline Mode, For geographical areas where internet is not possible, with offline mode use of all capabilities are enabled.

ECG Diagnosis Software


Diagnostic view includes the ability to select one or more arrhythmia types, as well as the ability to add, delete or modify each arrhythmia event.

ECG Enrollment Request, physicians have the opportunity to prepare a report by requesting a report on raw ECG data for a period of repetition (reocuurent), for a period of days up to the desired interval, minutes / hours / days, and for continuous monitoring such as telemetry.

The ECG record view allows you to monitor previously recorded and / or real time raw ECG data with patient monitor features.

With the instant ECG view, it is possible to make the EKG measurements of 7-10-15-30s taken in the Health Facilities to be taken in real time and printed with ecg printer.

It allows you to monitor heart rate changes and heart rhythm summaries.

Tachogram view, It includes the ability to select the sampling intervals of the ECG signal for heart rate variability analysis with the tachogram view, and to add, delete or modify the beat classes and information, making it possible to re-detect and report by performing beat classification analysis.

Provides the ability to classify strips and pulses.

Health Inteligence Platform

Health Inteligence Platform

Mobile Application (Android - IOS)

  • HealthCare Employees (Doctors,Technicians and Nurses)
  • Statistical Dashboards for Healthcare Facilities Management
  • Patient Visibility
Health Inteligence Platform

Online Cloud Application

  • Realtime ECG monitoring and Reporting
  • With LiveWell, patient data is always accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Doctors can manage patient data with just one click.
  • Statistical Dashboards, Patient Alarms, gender statistics, arrhytmia statistics, diagnosis statistics.



Cardiom is a versatile ambulatory ECG device. It not only measures and records vital ECG signals of human heart but also sends these data through GSM network to remote client if required unlike standard Holter devices.

The patient can easily send emergency signal and current location to Health Center using just one button, thus an emergency team can give the patient medical attention as much as possible.

Cardiom supports up to 10-leads configuration and can stores all ECG data over 24 days for continuous recording mode.


Widespread communication technologies

CardioM uses two widely used communication technology: GSM Network and Bluetooth v4.0


Sends notification to remote client through GSM Network and text message to persons specified by the user. Notifications are also send to smartphone connected with Bluetooth.

High Resolution ECG Records

ECG signal of the patient is acquired with high resolution (24 bits, 60nV) by dedicated ECG module.


Cardiom has a built-in PIN code protection and authorization.

Predefined operating modes

Facilitates many different applications such as Holter Recorder, Event Recorder and more.

Android and Windows Application

Visualize all ECG signals and other sensor information and allows changing of device and user settings.

Technical Specifications

Communication: GSM Network (HSPA+/3G/Edge/GPRS)
Bluetooth v4.0 (+Low Energy)
ECG Recording: 8 ch, 24 bit 250 Hz
Frequency Response: 0.1 Hz to 35 Hz(default)
High Pass Filter Options: 0.05 Hz, 0.1 Hz, 0.5 Hz
Low Pass Filter Options: 35 Hz, 50 Hz, 100 Hz
Cable Connector: microHDMI
Localization: A-GPS (Assisted GPS)
IMU: 3-axis 12 bit 50S/s
Storage: Removable 8GB microSD card(up to 24 days continuous recording)
Operating Modes: Holter, Event Recorder, Dynamic Holter, Active Event Recorder, Follow Me