Our History

In 2012, a team of physicians, biomedical and computer engineers in Istanbul recognised that Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death worldwide, representing approximately 30% of all global deaths. In Turkey this ratio is 10%, over ages 40 and up the mortality rate increases to 25% (mostly caused by Atrial Fibrilation). These conditions were dangerous—responsible for 1 out of every 4 deaths and as well costly 2 times more is spent on healthcare. But, many of these conditions and their devastating toll can be prevented. So this team set out to build a medical technology system that would combine comprehensive and complex clinical data analysis with personalized preventive care to help health plan sponsors and their members detect chronic disease earlier, and manage it better. The ultimate goal was to help drive down healthcare costs while improving health outcomes.

Real Time Health Intelligence

LiveWell Health Intelligence Platform provide’s Health status visibility for Heath plan Sponsors such as; Hospitals, e- Healthcare Providers, Elderly Care Centers, Corporations and Insurance Companies; through enabling usage of their own brands and processes via customizable dashboards, integrated wellness campaigns, and detailed reporting and analytics for their members. As well the platform is in service with open membership for the general population. The main goal of LiveWell is to create a colloborative health platform (web+mobile), where different types of medical data, (from new devices or off the shelf devices people are already using to obtain information about heart rate, blood pressure and sugar, movement) is aggregated and used as a bridge to connect users with medical professionals, helping in the diagnosis stage.

The ECG remote monitoring system provides 12-channel ECG signal from patients in real time by using a custom designed ECG device and electrode embedded tshirt. By achieving this goal, it is expected to help early diagnosis and provide real-time information to the doctor/hospital in emergency situations. LiveWell, a leading healthcare technology company with the mission to empower everyone to own their health. Through years of investment in and development of technology systems, software and domestic devices (%100 Turkish) we have built a smart Health Intelligence Solution. Our customers are health plan sponsors and their members, and our predictive Health Intelligence Technology automatically collects clinical data, identifies risk for chronic disease, and provides personalized health goals, actions and incentives.

Health Plan Sponsors: Lower Costs & Effective Management

LiveWell Personal Health Intelligence Platform (PHIP) is an innovative eHealth - mHealth platform for Health Care Prevention and Chronic Care Management outside medical facilities. For health plan sponsors, LiveWell helps drive down healthcare cost while improving health outcomes through simple managed dashboards, analytical and statistical reports, personalization and customization. LiveWell analyzes health data across 10 Cardiovascular disease states and then personalizes healthcare programs.

Members: Lower Costs & Healthy Outcomes

For members, LiveWell makes it easy to manage their own health. It does so by automatically collecting all of their clinical health data and continually answering 2 key questions:

  1. What is my real-time health status?
  2. What do I need to do maintain or improve my health?

Each member is always connected to his or her personalized health dashboard, available on any device. Each member has the tools and guidance to lower their healthcare costs. Members are tracked by their own in-network provider’s clinical phsicians top to toe. On critical disease state, all members are served from the emergency first response teams of the nearest location.